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Peyton Manning Rookie Card on the Rise

Peyton Manning the icon of the NFL is poised to pick up his second MVP and his teams the Indianapolis Colts are in a good position to make another run at a superbowl title. Now is a good time to pick up his rookie cards before they rise another 10%-20% in value after teh season. Peyton with the recent success of his team and an gutsy run through the regular season should be all accounts win the MVP this year. When all the accolades are given out the immediate impact on his rookie card should substantial.

1998 Bowman Chrome 1 Peyton Manning Rookie Graded BCCG 10
1998 Bowman Chrome 1 Peyton Manning Rookie Graded BCCG 10
Paypal   US $74.95

When examining Peyton Mannings rookie card a few cards stick out for you to consider. Many of his cards are grade worthy, but a few of the cards in particular stick out as being his best cards of his rookie season.

Top cards include:

The 1998 SP authentic Peyton Manning Rookie is definitely the best rookie card. The cards were numbered making them much more valuable to collectors. This card is hard to find in gradeable condition - but holds the highest value.

The 1998 Upper Deck Peyton Manning Rookie Card. Here is the hidden gem of the Peyton Manning rookie card lot. This card is the only card of Peyton that still is under-priced. Lets face it this quarterback may hold all the records when he finishes and any card is likely to go up in value. Finding cards that may appreciate 50% or more in next 5 years is a great value.

The 1998 Topps and Bowman Chrome Peyton Manning Cards. These are probably the highest quality produced cards of the lot. However, their are quite a few in circulation and these are not likely to rise in value as fast as the Upper Deck card.

Be diligent, if you watch Ebay now and in the off season - some great deals can be found on this superstar. Please read some of my posts on how to price cards and buy cards on ebay to learn more.
Take a look at some of the values below.

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